A timeless winter engagement in New Hampshire

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How We Met: His Side of the Story


The first time that I saw Patricia she was testifying during our Sunday service. She was testifying about something she was going through while in college. I saw her but she didn't see me. A couple years later after we both graduated college, I got to church pretty late and the usher sat me in a spot that I don't usually sit and there she was looking like the best thing that my eyes had laid on. We briefly introduced ourselves and went our separate ways. We really got to know each other once we started getting involved in church and serving.

How We Met: Her side of the story


I remember the Young Adult Ministry had its yearly “Young Adult Sunday Service”, the Saturday before the service we had rehearsal, as I was interacting with the group I saw a person I’ve never met before entering the room. Isn’t this a closed meeting, who brought their friend (side eyes) lol I found out later on that he was part of the program. The next day, Fortune was scheduled to testify on stage, he gave an extremely encouraging testimony on how he overcame the obstacles that rose on his journey in college. The truth is, it was too hard for me to focus on what he was saying since I was BAMBOOZLED by his beauty (don’t judge me! lol). Few months later we started serving at our local church together as coordinators. 

We became really good friends and decided to make things official and became a couple. On our first date he took me to a romantic restaurant and did not hold back on splurging on his date, but most importantly he kept me smiling the whole night. On November 30th, he got on one knee and asked for my hand in marriage! 


How did you know he was the one


There’s power in waiting on God...waiting in obedience. I remember telling God, “God, honestly,  I don’t want my heart to be handed out to just any men, I only want one man, THE ONE…” I was about maybe 13 years old when I made that prayer (why so young? lol). But at that age I knew I did not want to date for fun when I grow up, I wanted to do it with purpose. It took many years for this prayer to come to fruition but here we are now. Fortune (my fiance) is the first man I dated and the last one! I can’t say that the single journey was always easy, especially not with people throwing the “you need to be more open” talks; of course I received some concerned facial expressions whenever I mentioned that I had never dated anyone before. Some advice came from good sources of course, but I knew better. When I met Fortune, there was something very different about him. It seemed that the same excuses I used  to give for other men just did not apply to him. He brought down the walls I built around my heart with care, trust and prayers lol. Praying about him brought me comfort. He keeps me smiling, but his love for me even at my lowest is just …Breathtaking. Oh yes, he is definitely THE ONE for ME.

The Proposal


November 30th has always been a special day for me and my family, because it’s my sister Danielle’s birthday ( which by the way now vouched to tell our kids how she had to SACRIFICE her birthday for mommy’s dream proposal).

I remember going to work that morning, one of my very good friends Jenny was also traveling, so we chatted a little bit then I wished her a safe flight.When I got home from work, I told the girls that I was going to take a nap before starting to get ready for the birthday celebration.

Before getting ready for the party, my sisters insisted that I get my nails done at the nail salon, I told them I didn’t need to go to the nail salon, my nails could be done at home. It wasn’t my day, so I didn’t want them to put the focus on me, but they still insisted. I finally decided to go with her to the nail place, however, she left me there by myself (she was coordinating the event as well). I started becoming very suspicious, “why am I getting pampered when it’s not even my birthday.”

I started my investigation, I knew Jenny will never miss my proposal, so I thought “I’m going to video call her and she needs to show me her location, if she doesn’t then she lied!! Then today is the day!” So I called but she didn’t pick up, she texted “It’s loud where I am” she was flying to her niece’s birthday party and she posted on social media a video of kids so I thought, “oops she's not in Boston.”

Eventually I got ready, and got picked up by another birthday girl (4 of my girls share the same birthday weekend, fun and expensive month). When I arrived, the room was dark but filled with beautiful candles and balloons, my favorite song was playing, rose petals formed the path that was to take me to my Fortune. People handed me roses as I walked down, guess who handed me a rose too, JENNY! (Had me good). He held my hands and gave an emotional speech. Then he got down on one knee and said “Patricia Musasa will you marry me?” Of course I said yes to the Love of My Life!