Beauty and the Bald

Kareem and Sandy's love story began in November of 2013 when they officially met. It was on the campus of Florida Atlantic University at an Alpha Kappa Psi Fashion Show. Kareem at the time was pursuing membership into the organization and Sandy was a visiting alumni guest. Sandy claims that Kareem was being “mean and trying to act all cool” while Kareem says that he was just being “friendly and professional” (they will argue about this until the end of time!) The two later met again at another FAU event and exchanged numbers which is what started a friendship that grew into love. Kareem and Sandy became official that November of 2014 and after 3 years of courtship, Kareem proposed to Sandy at her “Coming to America” themed 30th Birthday celebration. Kareem had a very heartfelt speech about their journey to love and God which brought everyone to tears. The most exciting part of this journey for the couple is being able to show the world a union formed by God. There are so many aspects of their relationship that cannot be explained into words and that only God could have orchestrated bringing the two together. Their paths were crossed for a reason and not only are they excited to start their lives together but also ready to start God’s Ministry of Marriage. Kareem continues to annoy Sandy to this day...but it's all love.

Kareem Virgo | Reem Photography

kareem virgo

  • I was born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida.
  • Yes, Virgo is my last name :)
  • I am a Lakers fanatic and can talk about basketball ALL day.
  • My wife changed my life in every aspect, literally.
  • I quit my corporate job midway through planning our own wedding. Talk about a leap of faith!
  • Deep down I'm a comedian at heart. I really love to make people laugh. My wife says I should do stand-up.

Kareem Virgo

sandy virgo

  • I am Haitian-American
  • I was born in New Jersey and lived there for about 17 seconds. I grew up in Southern Florida!
  • I have a Masters degree in Human Resources and worked as an HR Manager until pursuing our business full time.
  • Love and Basketball is the greatest movie of all time :)
  • I used to model, so that definitely helps us with posting our lovely clients.
  • I can probably sing just about any early 2000s R&B song word for word.

Sandy Virgo

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